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    Field Creation - Ariba Sourcing

    marcel hipolito Master

      Helo Ariba Experts


      Today I had a good question during the project.

      As we know for the Ariba sourcing each client will be allowed to create 5 fields to attend their particular requirement.

      So the customer made today the following question:


      If I create a new field for Ariba Sourcing, and If I want that to the Vendor (at the moment of project response) to see this field as well, that would be possible ?


      Does anyone has face this situation ?




      Marcel H.

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Marcel,


          I hope you are referring to the project header fields, if yes, you can give access to your project to a supplier/vendor contact if you wish to but it cannot be limited to a particular field.


          On the other hand, if you are referring to a term in your event content say for example "inventory_cost" for an item, you can control the visibility of this term whether the vendor(s) can see it or not at the time of bidding or event preview period.




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            David Morel Master

            Can you give us a better descriptions of the problem/use case the customer is wanting to solve?  You can't make header fields visible to the supplier in an bidding event.  You can add all kinds of information in the event...requirements, buyer entered questions, terms in an item.  I just need to understand what the customer is trying to solve with this field.



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            • Field Creation - Ariba Sourcing
              marcel hipolito Master

              Hi David


              So here is the thing, I know that will sound strange for you, but the situation is as follow :


              The customer wants to include a taxcode field into Sourcing, because he wants to send the information populated in this field to send it back to ERP at the moment of purchase order creation with awarded event.


              *Again, I know that will sound strange for you, but in south america mainly in brazil the tax code is included at the moment of the purchase order.


              many thanks in advanced.




              Marcel H.