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    Cannot enable DFS feature in IE11 browser

    Dileep Kinthada Novice

      Hello Ariba Experts,


      I am not able to enable DFS feature in IE11 browser even after following below DFS troubleshooting steps and Ariba system struck in below screen after installation of ActiveX control.

      Need your suggestions for the same.



      DFS Troubleshooting steps

      I. Configure Internet Browser

      1. Open Internet Explorer > click on Tools (at the top of the screen) > Select "Internet Options".

      2. Click on the General Tab > click on “Delete” or "Delete Cookies" (based on your browser version) > and then click ‘OK’ to delete.


      3. On the General Tab > click on “Delete” or "Delete Files" (based on your browser version) > and then click ‘OK’ to delete.


      4. On the General Tab > click on "Settings" > click on "View Objects".


      5. Right -click on "Ariba Client Automation ActiveX Control" > click “Remove” > click OK


      6. Click on the Security Tab > click on "Custom Level" > Set as follows:


      A. Under ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins

      1. Disable “Allow previously unused ActiveX Controls to run without prompt

      2. Enable “Allow Scriptlets”

      3. Enable “Automatic Prompting for ActiveX Controls”

      4. Enable “Binary and Script Behaviors”

      5. Enable “Download Signed ActiveX Controls”

      6. Prompt “Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls”

      7. Prompt “Initialize and Script ActiveX Controls not marked as safe for scripting”

      8. Enable “Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins”

      9. Enable “Script ActiveX Controls marked as safe for scripting”


      B. Scroll down and under “Downloads


      1. Automatic Prompting for file downloads

      1. File Download
      2. Font Download


      C. Scroll down and Under “Scripting


      1. Active Scripting


        1. Allow programmatic Clipboard access


      1. Allow status bar updates via script

      1. Allow Website to prompt for information using scripted windows


      1. Scripting for Java Applets



      D. Scroll to the bottom and under “Authentic Authorization


      1. Select "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone" > click OK


      7. Click on the Privacy Tab > Uncheck the box for "block pop-ups"


      8. On the Privacy Tab > click on "Advanced" and set as follows:


      1. Check the box for “Override automatic cookie handling”
      2. Accept “First-Party cookies”
      3. Accept “Third-Party cookies”
      4. Check the box for “Always allow session cookies”


      9. Click on Advanced Tab and verify the following settings.  Please leave all the rest of check marks as they are. Only make changes to the following three settings:
      1.  Under the “
      Browsing” section, make sure that “enable install on      demand (internet explorer)" is unchecked.

      2. Under "HTTP 1.1 settings" section, make sure only the option "use http 1.1" is checked.
                  3. Under the "
      Security" section, make sure that "do not save encrypted      pages to disk" is unchecked.



      II. Restart the computer/machine. Log back into the On-Demand Sourcing site and check if you continue to see the error message related to DFS.



      Thanks & Regards,