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    Ariba Mobile APP

    Giuliano Sciuto Expert

      Hello everyone,

      i' ve seen on Android Play Sore that we can downlad Ariba mobile APP.


      Once downloaded it..it tell me i ' ve to register to Ariba Live.

      It's a must?


      How can i use it?


      Thank you





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          David Morel Master

          Are you talking about the Ariba Live app?  If so, then that is meant to assist attendees of AribaLive and yes, you would obviously want/need to register for AribaLive. If you are talking about the "Ariba Mobile" solution, it is a mobile app that allows you to approve requisitions.  That app isn't supported in the upstream solutions, Sourcing/Contracts/SIPM. It is only for the downstream, P2P solution.  Your company will have to have enabled its use in their P2P realm.