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    How to set "overtime" column as 0(zero) ?

    Park Foh Chin Journeyman

      Understood from my users that the following 3 'overtime' column must at least put 1, cannot 0 (zero).



      How to enable these 3 columns to allow 0 (zero) minute.


      Thank you.



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          B Aditya Master

          Hi Chin,


          You cannot enable 3 columns to allow zero minute. Rather you can disable Allow Bidding Overtime.


          When overtime is enabled, any bid received too close to the end of the bidding period extends the bidding period. Overtime gives participants additional time to respond to late bids of other participants. It benefits the buyer to allow other participants to further improve their bids. Therefore when buyer Allow Bidding Overtime they need to specify below 3 fields:-

          Bid Rank That Triggers Overtime

          Start Overtime Period if Bid Submitted Within (Minutes)

          Overtime Period (Minutes)




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