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    Ariba modules

    suchit.shah Apprentice


      Ariba is offering our client below modules for downstream procurement. Could you please provide details of what all is included in these?



      Ariba Discount Professional

      Ariba Collaborative Commerce

      Ariba Collaborative Commerce Document Automation

      Supply Chain Analytics, Reports, Dashboards


      Ariba is also offering offering Spend, Contracts, Sourcing, and SIPM which are self explanatory. The above ones are bit confusing!




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          B Aditya Master

          Hi Suchit,



          One can fully automate early payment discount management from initial offer to agreement, including transactions involving prorated or dynamic discounting, and maintain complete control over the amount of cash to apply and suppliers to target, for discount programs.


          Ariba Discount Professional, Ariba’s dynamic discounting platform built upon the ERP-agnostic Ariba® Network, for easy integration to your back-offi ce systems, so that you can connect to virtually all of your suppliers through the cloud. Collaborative payment management portal designed to manage a multifaceted dynamic discounting strategy, while providing your suppliers with the ability to easily view payment status and accelerate payment on demand. Supports 100 percent of your invoice volume regardless of how that invoice is received or processed for approval.



          Maximize Discount Savings

          Optimize Working Capital and Short-term Cash Metrics

          Discount and Payment Term Program Management



          B Aditya