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    Buyersystemid -Webservices (Ariba to ECC)

    Nandu VC Journeyman



      We have Upstream (Sourcing, Contract Mgt, SIPM) and Downstream (P2O) including Ariba Network in our Ariba cloud Realm. We are trying to integrate the creation of a Supplier in SIPM (upstream) through Webservice using PI to ECC. We would like the buuyersystemid to also be updated in ECC such that when P2O (downstream) wants to create a PO in ECC (through carbon copy), it is able to identify the Supplier using the Byuersystemid.




      1) Does the Webservice Event "OrganizationExportWS" also export the buyersystemid data element

      2) Which Webservice (WS) would be able to export the Supplier organization along with the Buyersystemid data element

      3) Our preferred path of Integration is WS and if so, is there any solution to Integrate a Supplier created in Upstream to have the buyersystemid exported for supplier creation in ECC?

      4) Is the Data Dictionary common for Export/Import and Webservices?


      <<Additional Info>> The "Data Export" function using (CSV file) has the Buyersystemid data element in the Export dump file


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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Nandu:


          I contacted Maria Elena Gammon, senior product manager for SIPM. Noted below are the answers that she provided to your questions:


          1) The Export Organizations web service is an inbound service that enables you to export information about the organizations configured for your site. This web service receives OrganizationExportWSRequest messages and responds with OrganizationExportWSReply messages. The organization Export Webservice Reply message exports a 64base encoded zip file. This is a CSV file has an element called systemid. This is the buyersystemid.


          2) See answer above for question 1


          3) Systemid is included in the CSV files.


          4) Yes, the organization export and supplier profile export Webservices sends the data in CSV files. Same data elements you see in Data Dictionary file ExportOrganizationtoCSV.




          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager