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    Ariba Procurement Content integration to SAP ECC - Issue with Ship To (Plant ID) Address not being passed.

    p15814916 Apprentice

      Hi Experts,


      We are working on a project where we have integrated the Ariba Procurement Content (APC) with the SAP ECC system using the OCI.


      We are in need to send the 'plant id' (ship to address) from SAP ECC to APC in the OCI request which is used for Punch-outs. As per the APC Integration Guide, we need to use the "User.Address.UniqueName" parameter in the OCI configuration.


      But we can not give the complete parameter as ECC OCI configuration only supports 20 characters due to which the parameter is truncating to "User.Address.UniqueN" and as a result we cannot pass the values from SAP ECC to APC in the OCI request.


      Please help as we need to fix this asap. Thanks in advance.



      Jagjeet Singh