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    PO Vs CIF ? When and how we can migrate totally or partially from PO catalog to CIF catalog

    Yassin Ameur Apprentice

      HI i’m a new user of Ariba system i used to work on SAP ATP on my previous job in wich we deal only with CIF catalog ( Permanent contracts)

      Now I’m working as a procurement in Ariba system and during the phase of suppliers on-bordering ( wave ) we have to deal and negotiate with our suppliers for the catalog Type ( CIF or PO ) and since that for a PO we can’t controle it 100% that means the supplier can change the price or the Boom codes ( the list of the items codes ) on the E-commerce website , he can delete some items ( disco items )  or add some new items without getting our approval , this situation became difficult to track the supplier modification , for this problem I think that we can get a report from Ariba wich according to the tracking frequency we can identify the changement.

      The catalog choice depend essentially on the requirement categories, the number on Items that the suppliers can provide on the Catalog , and the items frequency modification ( life cycle )

      Regarding the catalog types I have some questions :

      1/ I now that for one supplier ANID we can creat two kind of catalogs ( CIF + PO ) I wonder wich the best suppliers categories that we can start by the creation of a PO catalog and after a periode of time that can be 1 year or even we can review our entier backlog orders and negociate to implement a CIF catalog for the same Supplier for some items ? wich are the mains criterias that we have to take in consideration during the backlog analysis ? is it profitable to implement a CIF catalog ?


      thanks a lot