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    Are there Exposed Services or APIs for Workflow Tasks?

    Ivan Mirisola Newbie

      Hi All,


      Where can I find a list of OData services exposed on Ariba?

      I understand that there is a series of SOAP Web Services that we can consume directly with SAP-PO (PI/XI) via an Add-On.

      And that these services are used to integrate transactions back and forth between the two systems.

      However, I am interested in accessing the Workflow Tasks that are being generated on Ariba.

      I see also that Ariba has its own Work Engine - therefore, there must be a way to expose the tasks from this engine via OData.

      Ideally it should be possible to have Ariba Tasks being approved, rejected via an external application like Fiori or Unified Inbox - which would require an OData Interface exposed or some kind of Ariba APIs to implement it on a Netweaver Java.

      How do we go about this? Is this even possible today or is it a "new feature request".