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    What is the difference between Purchasing vendor and remit to vendor. can these two be linked in Ariba OD?

    Mangesh Thele Expert

      1. can someone please explain these terminologies , "Purchasing Vendor" and "remit to vendor" from Ariba on-demand perspective?

      2. Are Remit to Address and remit to vendor same? 

      3. How to link Purchasing vendor with remit to vendor while implementing Ariba OD? what is the significance of this linking?


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          William King Newbie


          I just signed on to the Ariba Connect + Collaborate.


          1. Vendors sometimes have their purchase order going to one address and their payment going to another.  A "remit to vendor" is simply a vendor  information set up by the purchasing vendor for payments to be sent to.  A purchase vendor can also be the remit to vendor meaning the vendor decides that my purchase order and my payment goes to the same address.  A purchase vendor who supplies different product lines or service lines may choose to have a single purchase vendor and multiple remit to vendor base on the product line.  When doing the purchasing in Ariba the client will choose from the list of remit to vendors which remit to vendors payments should go to.


          2. Remit to Address is the address for the remittance of the payment.  Remit to vendor contains the remittance address.  If there is no address or if your remittance is not mapped or linked to a PO vendor then your Ariba purchasing will not know how to process the payment.


          3.  Your linking of purchasing vendor with remit to vendor is ongoing as more suppliers decide they want to engage in P2P transactions.  The short answer to your question is yes while implementing Ariba Organization Data (OD) yes, however it depends on your system.. But the file link is done in the Ariba Core Adminstrator > Integration Manager > Import/Export. You can review the files that I know are required are:   Supplier Organization, Supplier, Supplier Location, Purchase Org Supplier, Minority Vendor, Remittance Location, Remittance Location Details, SL Remittance Information, SL Remittance Details, Relation.  These are the files that permits you to have a successful link between the PO Vendor and the Remit To vendor.  Please keep in mind that is part requires a personnel who is more skilled in Supplier Onboarding for Ariba and system intergration...Downstream and Upstream activities.