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    S4 endpoint must be configured for the QuoteRequest

    marcel hipolito Master

      Hi Ariba Experts,


      We have made some new tests but we are getting allways the same error and we don't know how to go on. We are gettíng this cxml as response for the cxml attached that we are sending to Ariba Network.

      <!DOCTYPE cXML SYSTEM "http://xml.cxml.org/schemas/cXML/1.2.026/Quote.dtd">
      <cXML timestamp="2015-09-09T07:54:25-07:00" payloadID="1441810465182-5853487940647214160@">
      <Status code="412" text="PreCondition Failed">Error:S4 endpoint must be configured for the QuoteRequest doctype.  Please contact support with the Error Reference Number: ANERR-40000000000000000472770152 for more details</Status>


      *we are using the SOAPUI in order to be better to check the error.




      Marcel H.