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    Best way to prevent user to use the system during system blackout

    rouillard@ppg.com Novice



      We are doing an ERP upgrade of our financial system and therefore we need to prevent users to do any activity in one of our partitions during 3 days.

      We considered a few options, but we didn't find anything satisfying:

      - we cannot deactivate the users in the partition because we will still receive invoices and any new approval workflows will be replaced by customer admin instead of the correct users.

      - we cannot block the access to the partition via our firewall because it would block the access to the other 3 partitions we still need to use.


      Do you have any ideas or propositions that would help us? I would appreciate any proposition.


      Right now, the best we have is to just send a mass communication to the users not to use the partition, rename the partition with a something that tells them not to use it, stop email notifications from this partition and put a message on the news box on the home tab.


      thank you in advance.