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    Ariba network PI integration

    marcel hipolito Master

      Good Afternoon,

      We are getting some problems connectig sap PI 7.4 dual stack with the Ariba Network, but we can't identify why the connection is not working well.

      We have updated the cxml adapter and all the steps to configure the scenario as it says at connect.ariba.com but when we send a message to Ariba the following error is been produced:

      Message could not be forwarded to the JCA adapter. Reason: Error when sending message: Profile request failed for [Channel] CCT_OrderEnquiry_cXML_Receiver with the following [ERROR] Cannot connect to Ariba SN

      This is the configuration made for the communication channel:


      erro 1.jpg

      erro 2.jpg




      Could you please help us to know what is happening?.

      If you need more information please let me know and I'll send you inmediatly


      Thank you so much in advance.

      Best Regards.