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    Conditional Auction or RFP

    ciabell Expert



      We ran an RFP and analyzed the results.

      We would like to run an auction, but only if the vendors answer yes to 2 questions.


      We would create an auction - but viewing and participation to the auction would be conditional on the Vendors answering 2 yes/no questions :


      If both of these questions are answered yes, then they would be able to view and partitipate in the auction.

      Can this be done using an auction template?

      If not in an auction template, can we do it with an RFP template?


      Basically the question is: How can we create an event which would have questions to be answetred correctly in order for the Vendor to see more of the content or data.


      A prompt repsonse would be appreciated.

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          David Morel Master

          If you set the questions up as prerequisistes, you can make them access gates or participation gates.  The former allows you to hide the content from them until they answer the questions as you want.  The latter allows you to restrict them from submitting a response until they have answered as you wish.  Check it out in the event management guids available via the Help Menu.



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              ciabell Expert

              Hi David,


              Thanks for the quick response -

              In our case, it will not be an amount the vendors will be entering, but  Y/N questions.

              We can take an RFP or auction template to do this if:


              Our Objective:

              3 questions: Q

              Q1 is viewable by all Vendors

              Vendors  must answer Y to Q1 to be able to view and answer Q2

              Vendors must answer Y to Q2  to be able to view and answer Q3.

              Q3 will be a Range matrix in which the vendor must insert a % discount for each Range).


              Hope there is a way in Ariba to arrive to our objective.


              Thank you

              Dominic Cianfarra

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                  David Morel Master

                  You should be able to do this with prerequisites and conditional content. Q1 is a rerequisite with submission gate and buyer review.  Based upon the answer to q1, make q2 visible, then based upon q2, make q3 visible.  Based upon the response to Q3, you as the buyer release the suppliers to respond that responded appropriately to Q3.