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    Limitation of having 1 ANID

    mphonasa Journeyman

      Is it true in Ariba that if you have only 1 ANID that you can only set up your vendors with 1 profile for each Purchasing Unit (PU)?

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          Eric Coker Master

          I believe you are referring to linking only one of your suppliers in the Ariba SIPM solution to a Network profile (with ANID)?  There is a global supplier record in the SIPM system that you would link to that supplier's Network ANID Cloud account - if available.  However, you won't be able to link two SIPM records to the same ANID.  However, given that structure we have plans to bring segmentation capabilities where the one upstream / SIPM supplier record can be seen in different ways by PU...such as approved or unapproved by PU, region, or other attributes.