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    Integration of upstream and Downstream

    sudeep ghosh Apprentice

      Hi Ariba experts - I am very keen to know can ariba upstream be integrated with Arib downstream. e.g can i create a contract from an awarded RFx event is courcing and can i then publish the contract to P2P/P2O/Procureent content and buy against thise contracts to ensure compliance. Can i use the published contract on the P2P to create or update internal catalogs.




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          Robert Myroniuk Apprentice

          Hello Sudeep,


          The integration exists between Upstream Contracts and P2X solutions. In order for this to happen your site must be suite integrated. Once suite integrated you can create the link between Contracts Pro and P2X. You do this by accessing the documents tab while in a contract workspace then clicking actions > contract term.


          However, if you are trying to create a link between the Event pricing in an RFx to a Catalog in P2P manual manipulation of data, and external system processes will need to be put in place. This is something I believe Ariba wants to get better at but at the moment I am not sure if there is a roadmap.




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            Vignesh Sathiyanarayanan Master

            Hi Sudeep Ghosh,


            I Just wanted to explore End to End functionality of Ariba in an Intergerated intstance, I am just looking out an document with some mock /screen shots explaining me about

            how to perform end to end operation from Sourcing -> Contract Request ->Contract ->PR.Please share any kind of input that you have .


            Thanks in advance.