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    See Ariba analysis usage

    Eric Lox Apprentice

      Is there any way to see the usage of ariba analysis. Basically, who is running the reports, when and what?

      I tried to look at the log ( /ariba9r1/appserver/upstream/Server/logs ) and in inspector but I could not find any useful information.

      Does anyone have a better idea ?

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Eric,


          You can check the audit log from the Administration UI and if the filters provided there does not help you will have to enable debug logs on reporting which could flood the log file in minutes and as you might be already aware you will have to be very careful to monitor and turn the logging off in time for the production system. Also, doing this will fetch you data for a limited interval of time.


          What is the idea behind getting such data? May be there is a workaround to get to that.




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              Eric Lox Apprentice

              Thanks for the response.


              The idea is to identify the usage of Ariba Analysis to prepare some common

              dashboard than several people could use.




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