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    SPQ Supplier Profile Questionnaire Field Length

    Nandu VC Journeyman

      Dear Experts,


      Our Scenario: Ariba SIM to ECC Integration via ITK and SAP PI


      Background: The Name1 field in SAP ECC (LFA1-NAME1) and other Table fields in SAP ECC have field length restrictions (For example the NAME1 field is only 35 characters long in SAP ECC). Due to this we are bound to write multiple transformation logic to accommodate the SPQ Legal Name field to fit into SAP ECC LFA1-NAME1 field. The Logic in PI is (1) Cut the Legal Name field of Ariba SPQ into first 35 characters to LFA1-NAME1 and rest to LFA1-NAME2, NAME3 etc...


      Instead I would like to know if there is a way to RESTRICT the Length of any Field in the SPQ such that we will configure the Legal Name field in SPQ to match 35 characters of the ECC field. Similarly we would like to have the ARIBA SPQ fields to have same length as the backend ECC Vendor master field length. We did not find an option to restrict the Field lenght for any SPQ field.


      Intent is to avoid transformation in PI.


      Any input is highly appreciated


      Many Thanks,


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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Nandu:


          I understand that you submitted an SR about this topic. I shared your question with our Supplier Management team. According to Maria Elena Gammon, we're releasing a feature that allows configuration of SPQ fields for length and unsupported characters. You can learn more by contacting your Ariba Customer Engagement Executive.




          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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              Nandu VC Journeyman

              Thank you for providing your input on this. We have contacted our account executive Nick Nagle (nick.nagle@sap.com) and Jarod Polburn (jarod.polburn@sap.com) on this issue.


              For us this issue is absolutely critical to go-live and therefore may I request you to provide the following information please?


              1) When exactly is this Feature / Functionality going to be available and in which release?


              2) Is there a Rockwell Collins specific fix that can be made available if the release (when this would be available) is later than Nov 2015?


              Additionally if you could reach out to Nick / Jarod, that would be helpful too,


              Many Thanks,