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    Catalog comparison

    Vijay Vedula Apprentice

      Hi All,


      We are implementing Ariba P2O solution for a pharma client there is a specific requirement


      During PR creation, if the user selects a higher priced catalog instead of selecting the least priced catalog for the same material (e.g. CAS # being the unique identifier in this case), there should be a way to get this tracked in the form or notification or additional approval etc.


      Say there are two catalogs from two different suppliers for the same material (same CAS#)


      Catalog A - $100

      Catalog B - $80

      Catalog C - $110


      During PR creating if user selects any catalog A or B, there should be some mechanism to trace that user has selected non-least priced catalog.


      Is this currently possible? Has anybody come across this kind or requirement and if so, how is it handled?



      Vijay Vedula

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Vijay,


          Hope your are doing great. I guess the best way is to add an approver/group to the approval flow in any case for all the CAS#'s where you have multiple suppliers for the same item.


          There must be a logic behind having multiple suppliers for the same item, especially with the catalogs, and based on that logic one could control the visibility of that item to the different departments/cost centers etc. You may also be able to build and add approver logic with a lookup file based on the CAS# and upper limit for the unit price. For a given CAS# if the unit price is above a certain price thats predefined in the lookup file, it add that additional approver.




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              Vijay Vedula Apprentice

              Hey Vilas,


              I am good, how are you

              Having approval flow is a great idea, but I dont see how to compare the prices across catalogs...




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                  Vilas Swamy Master

                  Doing great. Thanks!!


                  Approval flow for each CAS# that you have multiple suppliers/catalogs for. So essentially the lookup file has that CAS# listed and irrespective of which catalog the item is from the approver is added and then the approver (can be a group) can lookup manually if it is the least price. I know this is not the most desired way but a work around that makes sense in certain scenarios.




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                researchscholar007 Master

                perhaps its a good idea to check the catalogue validation rules setup for the best price / Top Item?