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    Supplier Master Integration using SPQ via PI

    Nandu VC Journeyman

      Hello Integration Experts,


      We are in the design phase of building an Integration Scenario between Ariba and ECC via SAP PI for Supplier Master creation / Update.  We are not using the Supplier Organization, Supplier, Supplier location objects in Ariba for this Integration rather we intend to use the SPQ as the basis for Supplier Master.


      Integration Scenario: ITK with PI using CSV files is the source of the Supplier Master. We intend to use a Proxy adapter (on the receiver Side =ECC).


      Key Questions:

      1) Is this the best method to perform integration from Ariba SPQ through ITK via PI with the Target being ECC? Are there any potential risks to such a design / architecture?

      2) Could you point to some detailed documentation available for PI and ITK to build the above interface

      3) Is there a standard Proxy structure available in PI for Supplier Master which can be adopted to accommodate specific custom SPQ fields?

      4) Is there a standard Proxy ABAP Adapter available in ECC for Supplier master which works with PI

      5) Is there a standard RFC/BAPI/BADI that can be used in ECC for Supplier master creation / update?


      Answers or pointers to documentation on the above would of great help,


      Many Thanks,


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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Nandu,


          Listed below is not the exact same thing that you are looking for but it might help.


          SAP ERP Integration Requirements

          SAP ERP integration with Ariba Sourcing Professional requires SAP ERP 6.0 EHP0 or higher with PI 7.1, 7.3 or 7.4.

          This is an out of the box feature. To configure this feature a system administrator needs to:

          ● Import transports into SAP ERP.

          ● Install SAP ERP enhancements for RFQ creation.

          ● Install SAP ERP enhancements for RFQ cancellation.

          Existing cXML documents, QuoteRequest and QuoteMessage have been enhanced with new extrinsics to

          support RFQs. cXML Adapter version 1.2.025 or higher must be installed to support these documents.

          Installing the Transports

          To enable Ariba Network Adapter for SAP NetWeaver


          1. Download the AribaNetworkAdapterSAPNetweaver_VCI_5.zip from http://connect.ariba.com .

          2. Open the SAPConfig/trans folder and view the ReadMe.txt file for information about installing the


          The ReadMe.txt file typically contains a lists of transports available for installation, and may include

          instructions about the order in which transports must be installed.

          3. Import XI_Mapping_Services/AribaNetworkAdapterSAPNetWever_Design.tpz file into your SAP

          NetWeaver PI system.


          Source: sourcingSAPIntegration.pdf




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            Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

            Hi Nandu:


            I reached out to our Solutions Management team regarding your questions. They advised it would be best for you to connect with your Ariba account team for further support.




            Debbie Curtis-Magley

            Ariba Exchange Community Manager