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    Sourcing Quick Reference Guides

    Nima Bagheri Journeyman

      I have a client that is going live with Sourcing in the next month. We have plans to prepare Quick Reference Guides for their users, and was hoping to leverage an existing template rather than creating a new one.Does anyone have one they could share with me?

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          ashutosh Journeyman

          Dear Nima,


          In order to make the quick reference guide more relevant and contextual, best will be to create a test event and take actual screenshots. This will make it easy for the users to relate to the content.


          Also, it is best to create two users guides:


          • Internal User Guide (event creation, publish, monitoring, closing)
          • Supplier User Guide (registration, access, submission, message board)


          Would suggest to include the contact details of Ariba Support at the end of the supplier user guide so that they have the information handy.




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