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    Change the Sourcing request template for integration with SAP

    marcel hipolito Master

      Hi Ariba  Experts


      Regarding the integration we have the Standard template for called Sourcing Request:



      For example in the cXML guide Manual we have the following description about the tag “templateName”


      The template used by the sourcing application. The template can outline the terms

      and conditions regarding the details for a request for quotation sent between the

      buyer and sourcing application.


      By the other we have this description in the Sourcing14s integration Manual


      Ariba does not provide a default template for creating a sourcing request. You have to create sourcing request

      templates or customize the out-of-the box sourcing request template to suit your requirements. The out- of- the-

      box sourcing request template can be used only for sourcing requests that are created out of integration of SAP

      ECC and Ariba Sourcing solution. If you want to use the default sourcing request template, copy the template,

      rename it and also make sure that you delete the External Origin condition in the Conditions tab before publishing

      1. it. You can also modify the team, the tasks, and any other aspect of the template to suit the approval flow and

      other business requirements.


      So the question is:


      Can we change the Sourcing request template for Integration ?




      Marcel Hipolito