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    SAP Work Order Accounting

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      We have an SAP business process for work orders where the accounting is not known upfront during the PO creation process, and accounting is something that supplier enters at the time of invoice. The challenges that we face here are:


      1.     Ariba does not have any place on the AN invoice form to capture the accounting. Even if we make a provision to have extrinsic for suppliers to select the accountings, then the maintenance is going to be challenging as these accountings are dynamic and changes every day. Therefore, do not know how we can have these accounting available to suppliers at the time of invoicing.


      2.     In case, we make accounting available to the suppliers while invoice creation on AN, how can we validate that the accounting combinations are good from an accounting perspective?



      If anyone has done similar implementation/setup where this problem is addressed, please share the details asap. Thanks!