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    Workflow for SPQ

    pachaura Master



      I have following questions on Ariba SIM and P2O.


      1) Can you please suggest if there is any workflow for SPQ which we can tweak as per our requirements?

      2) How Ariba SIM interacts with Ariba P2O? or they don't interact at all?




        • Re: Workflow for SPQ
          Maria Gammon Master

          1) The supplier workspace allows you to configure the following:

          a) approval workflow for new supplier organizations that are created

          b) approval workflow for profile updates done by suppliers

          c) approval workflow for profile updates done by internal users

          d) frequency to notify suppliers to update their profile

          e) timeframe when certificate expiration reminders should go out

          All these are setup within the tasks in the workspace and get triggered based on SPQ changes.


          2) If you have an integrated suite realm the common supplier is shared between the two and contracts for contract compliance.

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