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    Custome Catalog file

    Shareef Mohammad Master

      Hi All,


      can any one let me know the usage of customcatalog.csv


      Thanks in advance.

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          Scott Corbett Master

          It's used for creating "Catalog Views", or catalog filtering. These views can be made in the Admin console, or you can import them using the Import views task which reads the customcatalog.csv file.

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              Shareef Mohammad Master

              how to add the filter type field ?

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                  Shareef Mohammad Master

                  I mean when we see through UI I can see 4 options there, but when it comes to customcatalog.csv how should we add the filter ? whether we have to give the option number like 1,2,3,4 ?

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                      Amit Gupta Master

                      Hi Shareef,


                      CustomCatalog.csv allows us to restrict a catalog from user based on following parameters:


                      •Supplier.SystemID - The system ID of a supplier organization.

                      •Subscription.Name -  The catalog name.

                      •CommodityCode.Domain - The domain for the commodity code specified in the CommodityCode.UniqueName column.

                      •CommodityCode.UniqueName - The unique internal identifier of a commodity code.

                      •FilterType -  The filter type to show or hide the catalog view.

                      •Group.UniqueName - The unique internal identifier of a group


                      The FilterType column, defined in the CustomCatalog.csv file takes a string. The values to complete in the FilterType column include:






                      Here is a sample customcatalog.csv file for your reference:




                      sid496,XYZTechnologies,unspc,Computer data input device accessories,IfTrueCannotSee,Invoice Administrator


                      Best Regards,


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