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    Requisition Time Out

    Shareef Mohammad Master

      Hi Experts,


      Can anyone help me in this ...


      1.How long a requisition sits in Ariba awaiting approval before it is timed out by the system ?

      2.How long does it sits before a reminder mail sent out from Ariba to the Approver ?


      is there any "time out " options for requisition ? If yes, then how can we configure it ...


      Thanks in advance.

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Shareef,


          There is a an auto escalation parameter for an approval. Not so sure about the default value but surely it is a configurable parameter. It would be a good idea to contact support or search documentation may be for the default value.


          To the best of my knowledge there isn't any time out option i.e. auto cancellation or auto withdrawal of the requisition.




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            Amit Gupta Master

            Hello Shareef,


            As mentioned by Vilas, once a requisition or an approvable is submitted there is no timeout. It will stay there is submitted status.


            There is a schedule task, EscalateApprovales (defined in partition\ScheduledTasks.table file) where you can defined threshold limits for warning and escalation period in number of days. Here is a sample example for the same.


            EscalateApprovables = {

                    EscalatePeriod = 2;

                    EscalateWarningPeriod = 1;

                    ScheduledTaskClassName = "ariba.approvable.server.EscalateApprovables";


                    Schedules = {

                        Schedule1 = {

                            DayOfWeek = Weekday;

                            Hour = 12;

                            Minute = 30;

                            Second = 30;



                    Exclusion1 = {

                        EscalatePeriod = 3;

                        EscalateWarningPeriod = 2;

                        ApprovableTypes = "ariba.common.core.UserProfile:ariba.expense.core.ExpenseReport";


                    Exclusion2 = {

                        EscalatePeriod = 5;

                        EscalateWarningPeriod = 10;

                        ApprovableTypes = "ariba.purchasing.core.Requisition";




            Let me know if you need any further details.


            Best Regards,


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