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    How to insert image in eform using ARWTemplateGroupView(ARWFormImage) - Eform htm code

    Jayashree K Newbie

      Hi all,


      We are using template ARWTemplateGroupView in eform frame.

      We want to insert an image in gif format in the eform page.

      Html page is working fine with tags ARWNLSString and ARWFormField. But i couldnt use ARWFormImage.

      Pdfs says us to use ARWFormImage. But is not working.


      I have placed a gif under <root dir>config/resource/en_US/images/html.

      So my htm, i have included below line. But the image is not printed in eform.

      Please advise.



      <ARWFormImage filename="images/html/p2plogo.gif"/>