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    Intelligent Matching strategy for an Invoice

    Amit Gupta Master

      Hello Experts,


      We are facing quite large number of exception due to unmatched line items during eInvoicing. Most of the cases have been identified where Line number mentioned by the supplier is not in sync with purchase order line number causing an exception or may be at times though there is only a single item in a PO but supplier send an invoice splitting the item into 2-3 lines. We are trying to come up with a solution to reduce number of such exceptions by setting up some intelligent matching between invoices and purchase orders.


      At a very high level, we are planning to let system to generate an exception. Once exception is issues, we can trigger an intelligent matching check to verify if there is a SupplierPartID/ManufacturingPartID exists in the associated Purchase Order or not. If yes, then exclude the exception and link invoice item with PO item.


      We may come up with multiple challenges in this process when we will actually start working on it but would like to know if somebody have already done something related to the same.


      Your help is highly appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,