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    Can I place invoices on hold?

    Aarika Andrews Journeyman

      I'd like to be able to change the status of invoices to On Hold.  I saw in the documentation that if I go to Manage > Payments, I can view Pending Payments that are listed as On Hold, but I'm not sure how to give them this status.  Can I do this?  How?

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          Amit Gupta Master

          Hello Aarika,


          When an Invoice Reconciliation document is created from an approved invoice, it automatically creates a corresponding payment request (PAY) document with a status of Processing. The payment request includes a payment schedule based on the payment terms in the IR document. Payment terms specify when a supplier must be paid for an invoice and define any discounts available for early payment. They are stored with supplier information on invoices, and typically include:

          - A unique ID, such as PT1

          - A title, such as Net 45, 2%/30, 3%/20

          - A description, which can include the number of days within which the payment must be made and related information, such as discounts offered for early payment or other incentives

          The payment terms on the invoice and the payment policy configuration for your system determine the payment date and the due date for the payment request.


          Payments are made in an external system according on the payment method configured for the supplier and the payment method used when scheduling payments. Your Ariba Procurement and Invoicing Solutions receives remittance data for processed payments either directly from the external system or from Ariba Network, depending on your site's integration configuration. Once payment is completed, payment document status is changed to Processed.



          1. On the command bar, select ManagePayments.

          By default, the Pending tab displays and shows pending payments.

          2. Click Payment Batch.

          A new browser window opens the Remittance Batch page on Ariba Network.

          3. Use search filters to locate the payment batch file you want to view.

          4. Click a link in the Batch ID column to view the payment details for that batch file.


          Best Regards,