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    P2P - defaulting User Accounting on Requisition create?

    Francis Clark Newbie

      All, I'm working on my first OnDemand implementation after working with the on Premise Solutions for 15 years.


      I've been tasked with providing a Visio to show the relationship between master data elements and the requester's accounting defaults on a new Req.

      The client team has a problem with too many accounting errors when they create a requisition appears almost none of the defaulting is working.

      Additonally many times there are no available select options in the choosers.


      I know, I know ..... garbage in, garbage out.  My problem is defining exactly where the garbage is.


      I miss inspector and my ability to decompile source code.


      If anyone has previously created any related documentation, please assist.


      Thank you in advance

      Francis Clark


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          Amit Gupta Master

          Hello Francis,


          I am also very new to OnDemand solution but though to share some info related to account defaulting on requisitions. Hopefully it might be helpful for you.


          In the default configuration, the default values of line item accounting fields on requisitions are derived from three sources.

          These sources are:

          - Accounting information associated with the requester through the User.csv file

          - Accounting information mapped to the commodity code of the item through the ERPCommodityCodeMap.csv file

          - Accounting information in the contract associated with the line item


          The attached example shows the accounting fields for a line item on a requisition and identifies the CSV files that define the values that populate those fields.





          Best Regards,