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    Buyer filed in Supplier

    Shareef Mohammad Master

        Hi Experts,


      Could you please let me know how the buyer fields for Suppliers gets added.


      I mean is there any job for this ?



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          Amit Gupta Master

          Hi Shareef,


          There are basically 3 type of objects linked to a Supplier

          1) Common Supplier: A unique System ID as issues by Ariba while loading a new supplier, organization ids (including details of DUNS ID, ASN ID, system id etc), list of different supplier ids setup for the same supplier (most of the systems, it's just one but at times we can setup different supplier ids for the same supplier for example for Dell which is a global supplier across different countries. We can define different supplier ids for each region and may link it under same common supplier).

          2) Supplier: consists of Supplier ID, Name, PaymentTerms etc. "Import Suppliers" needs to run to load Supplier object.

          3) Supplier Location: consists of Supplier ID (same as Supplier), Name (same as Supplier), contact details like Email Address of supplier, Phone, Fax, Postal Address, Ordering method, any restrictions on Change order as defined by supplier, any ghost PCard issues to the supplier, ASN ID etc. "Import Supplier Location Contacts" is the integration event to load SupplierLocationSupplement.csv file. Run "Import Supplier Location Contacts" integration event to load this file.


          Let me know if any further details are required.


          Best Regards,




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              Shareef Mohammad Master

              Thanks for the reply Amit.

              But this doesn't answer my question .

              Actually in my organization the Catalog approval rule is picking up the buyer associated with Supplier and adding it on the approval. It is basically a group.


              So could you please let me know how this buyer is getting attached to Supplier