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    Service Start and End Date

    David Melillo Newbie

      Hello - I have recently started using reports from Ariba to supplement our broader financial reporting. I am very familiar with databases but I cant seem to locate a certain field in Ariba reporting that I can see on the front end.


      Is there any data lineage features in Ariba to figure out what table certain dimensions exist within?


      Is there a standard data model for Ariba reporting that can be shared?


      Specifically, I am interested in the Service Start and End Dates express on the item lines of an invoice.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you,


      - dave

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          Manny Cortez Expert



          did you try referencing the Analysis Data Dictionary from Help@Ariba?  Select Help from the Dashboard then from Help@Ariba scroll to the bottom and you should see Reporting and Analysis References.  Expand the group and you should see Reporting Field Dictionary.  Select the link and an Excel file should open with a list of all fields available for reporting.


          Hope this helps.



          Product Mgr., Ariba Platform

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