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    Auto-receive function

    lboone Novice

      If you are using the auto-receive upon receipt of invoice function in Ariba, I'd like to hear what parameters you have set and how it is working for your company.

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Lori,


          For one of the US retail major that I had worked for implemented the Auto Receipt feature using the ReceiptByCommodityCode.csv file. The file basically contained all commodity codes with the last column vale set to "AutoReceive" for the qualified commodities/items.


          You might have to check if auto receiving is enabled for your site and you may contact ariba support for more details and impact analysis.




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              lboone Novice



              We are just implementing Ariba and do have this function available. What  I'm looking for is what has worked well for others that might be using this function. As well, what have the challenges been. This will help us determine how we wish to proceed.


              Thank you,


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                  Amit Gupta Master

                  Hi Lori,


                  Out of the box functionality provides 4 ways for auto-receiving as explained below:


                  1) Auto-receiving based on line item amount - You can set a threshold value at Application.Procure.AutoReceiveLineItemAmount in Parameters.table file. This parameter defines a threshold for auto-receiving, based on the values of individual line items on the order. Line items for amounts less than this threshold are auto-received, meaning that users don't have to explicitly submit receipts for those items.


                  2) Auto-receive based on order amount - You can set a threshold value at Application.Procure.AutoReceiveOrderAmount in Parameters.table file. This parameter defines a threshold for auto-receiving of purchase orders based on the total value of the order.


                  3) Auto-receive based on Commodity Code: Update ReceiptByCommodityCode.csv located at below location.



                  //Sample data



                  unspsc,4411,false,SystemReceived,Desk Accessories

                  unspsc,76,false,ByAmount,Cleaning Services

                  unspsc,44101801,false,AutoReceipt,Calculators or accessories


                  4) Auto-receive based on Part Number: Update ReceiptByPartNumber.csv located at below location.


                  //Sample data


                  29,RAY45050,true,ByCount,RAY45050 - By Count

                  11,MON152 25,false,InvoiceAutoReceipt,MON152 25-Invoice Auto Receipt



                  Thanks & Regards,

                  Amit Gupta