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    shopping cart to add new account type

    Mandy C. Expert

      Hi Team:


      when I create shopping cart, I see only account type = expense.

      how can I add new account type pls.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Amit Gupta Master

          Hi Mandy,


          Account Type is set based on Commondity Code selected at line item level. There is an object CommodityExportMapEntry holding mapping of Commodity Code, Account and Account Type. Account Type is maintained in AccountType.csv file at None level.


          Incase, you want to define different Account Types then follow below steps:

          1) Update AccountType.csv file stored at below location



          //Sample data









          2) Run "Import Account Types" integration event at None level to load your AccountType.csv file

          3) Map CommodityCode and AccountType in CommodityExportMapEntry. Based on this mapping, AccountType should be set based on selected Commodity Code.



          Thanks & Regards,

          Amit Gupta