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    Re: Contract Template

    Vignesh Sathiyanarayanan Master

      Hi Ranjeet,


      Ideally Template needs to be manually created through above said steps and the content of template should reflect the nature of contract type like sales or Procurement contract.Based on the needs from Business, we may need to customize areas of the contract template like Team,Task,Document tab accordingly. By following below rules.


      Add project groups on the Team tab.

      Add phases and milestones on the Tasks tab.

      Add folders and documents on the Documents tab. ( here you can use Excel format pricing Template - Once this Template has been published, user may need to fill the required details in Excel as parameter and it will create contract request accordingly)

      Add document tasks, such as reviews, to documents as you create them.

      Add "To do" tasks from the Tasks tab.

      Add conditions and questions on the Conditions tab.

      Specify conditions for documents and tasks.

      Click Exit to save your changes and exit.

      Publish the template from the Actions menu on the Overview tab when you are ready for it to be used to create projects.


      Note:- Please find the attached snap of the template in excel format


      1-19-2016 1-57-28 PM.bmp


      .1-19-2016 1-57-16 PM.bmp




      1-19-2016 1-57-28 PM.bmp1-19-2016 1-58-17 PM.bmp