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    How to add an addendum to a contract?

    Kim Jensen Novice

      Does anyone know how to add an addendum to a contract workspace that has been published?  None of the coworkers I have spoken to so far are sure.  I can't even find the word "addendum" in the Contract Process Management Guide.  It is not an amendment, because the terms stay the same, the addendum is adding more to the scope of work.  Ideas?

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Kim,


          In order to add an addendum to a published contract workspace you will have to amend it. There are 4 type of amendment types Full amendment, Renewal, Administrative and Termination. If you are using the assembled document feature its best you use the Full Amendment and then add the addendum.




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            Sharon Horton, PMP Master

            Kim, to add to Vilas' answer, and addendum is just one type of change that you would make to a contract.  All of these would be some type of amendment as far as Ariba is concerned.  The Administrative amendment is intended to change minor content, such as uploading a non-contract document or changing a (usually) non-contract header field.  As Vilas suggests, in this case, you would probably want to use the Amendment type of amendment, make your changes to the document or potentially add a new document and make required changes to the header fields.  Then you can publish the amendment and you have updated the workspace with the addendum information.

            • How to add an addendum to a contract?
              Kim Jensen Novice

              Thank you for your help.  When I tried to implement one of your suggestions, I found another obstacle, however.  When I click on Actions next to Contract Attributes, Everything except "View Attributes" and "Create Subagreement" is gray and cannot be accessed.