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    Reports on quotations

    Leonardo da Silva Apprentice

      Hello everyone,



      Personal I have a problem to set up a Special Rapporteur on price because I need to know when suppliers responded and at least three of them asked about the price for not having to enter the messages and also getting in on design and project to know the status of it. Could anyone help me or send a document because this report also have to know the price that the supplier had to respond to quote.






      Leonardo Silva

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          David Morel Master



          I am not sure what you are asking for. Can you give me some additional information. Are you wanting to run a report on who bid in a Sourcing event?


          David Morel

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              Leonardo da Silva Apprentice



              I wonder if there is any standard report in Ariba, which brings information from an RFP event.

              In this case if the related suppliers responded to the event?

              How many suppliers respond?

              Which bids that were sent?

              These are the main data I need to know. And if there is a report with the information or I need to set up a report with this information.


              Thank you,


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                  Neelanarayanan Perumalpillai Master

                  Hi Leonardo,


                  There is a out of the box report "Bid Summary Report" for each event. This can be accessed from Report tab of each event.


                  You can get the following information.


                  Number Invited

                  Number Accepted

                  Number Declined

                  Number of Bidders/Respondents

                  Number Awarded


                  Incumbents Invited

                  Incumbents Accepted

                  Incumbents Declined

                  Number of Incumbent Bidders/Respondents

                  Incumbents Awarded


                  Total Responses

                  Average Number of Responses per Participant

                  Average Number of Responses per Incumbent

                  Total Surrogate Responses

                  Total Responses Removed


                  And the entire line item details



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