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    Ariba Discovery posting - who reviews?

    Lalith Kumar Nimmala Expert

      Hello Ariba Exchange,


      I want to sell two trucks on Ariba Discovery. First I clicked on the "I'm Selling" link but nothing is set up....So I was able to create a posting but it looks like it needs to be reviewed before being successfully posted?


      1. So who reviews this?

      2. How much time will be taken for review?

      3. What are the criteria for review and successful posting?




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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Lalith,


          Ariba Discovery works in a way that buyer discovers the seller. Please register yourself as a seller on the Ariba network and complete your profile information so that the buyers who are looking for Trucks are able to  discover you based on your profile information.




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            Lalith Kumar Nimmala Expert

            I now have the answers...


            1) Each posting goes through a quarantine process by Ariba. During this quarantine, the Ariba Quarantine Team reviews the posting content, commodities, and territories, to ensure that the posting contains enough information for suppliers to respond effectively.


            2) The turnaround time for postings to be published is 12 hours. If any changes are required your posting, an Ariba representative will send an email to you requesting that you revise your posting with recommended content. The statuses can be approved or rejected (or revision requested)


            3) The posting can be flagged quarantined due to incompleteness, lack of content, need of clarification, etc, a member of the Discovery team will reach out by email directly to the individual at the buying organization who created the posting.


            4) Postings by good users are waived from the quarantine process. A good user is a user who consistently provides the required information for each posting they create.

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              Keaton Russell Journeyman

              Lalith Kumar Nimmala,

              I am one of the Senior Business Development Consultants for the SAP Ariba Discovery Marketplace. The answers you found are absolutely correct. If you ever have any questions, need help, or would like a demo in regards to Ariba Discovery please feel free to reach out to me any time.



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