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    Modify existing template with required approval tasks created by someone else

    mjluey Novice

      Scenario:  All new crew administering Ariba, no existing associate remaining with any historical knowledge of how or why things were created.


      We have contract workspaces created on certain templates that contain required approval tasks.  As we are "cleaning" up existing workspaces, we are challenged by the required tasks that were left incomplete upon the publishing the workspace.  I understand that if the template containing those tasks is modified to eliminate the required task (or document task) and the template's new version is activated, then upon amending a workspace created with that template, the user will be asked to "upgrade" and this will eliminate the required tasks, eliminating the need to maneuver through them.


      How do I modify someone else's template?  My screen indicates only the ability to open and nowhere does it indicate to "create new version" or "modify".  I would like to create a new version of it without the tasks, activate it and then de-activate the version with the required tasks.