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    Is there a way to download supplier list & can we create a score card or supplier rating template in Ariba ?

    Aminuddin Shroff Journeyman

      There are two questions which I would like to put forward for answers or solutions.


      1. How can we export the entire supplier list from Ariba ?
        There is a scenario which I will put forward to support the question. There is a huge list of suppliers in the system but since one supplier participates in one or more events simultaneously, their usernames are duplicated in the system. I would like to clean this list by exporting the entire supplier list into excel, delete the unnecessary / duplicate usernames for the same supplier and upload it back to Ariba. Simultaneously, I would like to create a database in excel or Ariba for reference along with the contact information / address. Any assistance to my query will be appreciated.
      2. Is there a way we can create a score card for these suppliers. I have read in Ariba documents that the software is capable of this query.

              After the events ran in the system, is there a way we can create a report / score card to rate the supplier performance on the event as well as in delivering the services.


      Thank you in advance !