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    Award Approval with Ariba Sourcing

    Dash Selmo Expert

      Hello Guys,

      I'm just wondering if what's the best practice in awarding an event, do you typically have an approval task first or directly award it?

      Thank you in advance.



      Dash -

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Dash -,


          This is my own view:

          You should have an approval task before awarding only if it is guided by your company policy. The reason behind the same is that the approval tasks in general create a bottleneck as mild disadvantage v/s the excellent system control it has to offer.


          To strike a perfect balance between the system control and avoiding bottlenecks is to create awarding scenario's at the template level and let the sourcing agent have rest of the control within this guided approach.




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            lveips123 Journeyman

            Hello Dash,


            I agree with Vilas. The main point is you have to have strong processes and procedures and then you should determine how and what to design them into Ariba. It is only a suportive platform where you complete sourcing projects or any other projects based on your processes. You should also keep in mind that sooner or later you will need to ensure compliance to your processes and if the projects were completed accordingly.


            Best regards,


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