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    Recipients state

    Shareef Mohammad Master

      Hi Experts,


      We have recipients states from 1 to 4. Can anyone explain me the significance for each of these states.

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          Sandeep Jain Master

          Hi Shareef,


          The Recipients field at PO level, is for the receiver of the PO. Here receiver could either be an ERP or Supplier. If you have an ERP in place and integrating PO from Ariba to ERP, then there would be two Recipients - one for ERP and another for supplier. Otherwise only one for the supplier.


          Out of the box, there would be 4 status as below -

          1. Sending (State = 1) - if system is still trying to send the PO to either ERP or Supplier. In that case PO will remain in Ordering status, though there might be couple of scenarios as when PO will stuck in Ordering and thus the Recipients state will be Sending.

          2. Sent (State = 2) - When PO has already been sent to ERP or Supplier.

          3. Canceled (State = 4) - When PO has been canceled. And cancellation of the order has been sent to ERP/Supplier.

          3. Failed (State = 8) - When PO has permanently failed to sent to ERP or Supplier. Again there will be different scenarios as when the State will be Failed. Normally, in Failed state, PO will come back to Composing.


          Hope it helps.



          Sandeep Jain

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