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    Can you please tell me why the system is not showing customized or copied RFX templates, while adding those into sourcing project templates ?

    Ganesh Rajpatil Journeyman


      Would you please help me, How to add Modified/Costomized event template to full project ?

      Please ntoe: Costomized RFX is already published status and currently it is appearing in the Quick project template.


      I have followed the below steps for your reference:


      Step 1. Go to Templates >  Arvind Sourcing Project template


      Step 2. Created New version for Arvind Sourcing project template.


      Step 3. Go to Documents Tab > Auction > Open


      Step 4. Event Choices >Add Choice

      Step 5. I am unable to find the Event Template which is created by me ( Customized Reverse Auction) in the list.



      kindly advise me, thank you



      Ganesh Rajpatil