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    Best Practice for Supplier Reviews

    Alex Silvester Novice



      I was wondering what is the best way to keep all supplier reviews in one place. I am new to Ariba and would appreciate any recommendations. There is the supplier profile and I know we can create scorecards, KPIs, and surveys with SPM. We also have powerpoints of supplier reviews created outside of the system that someone mentioned we could upload in a Knowledge Project. We may do separate SPM projects for a supplier for different years. What is the best way to link all this information together? Or would we have to search for the supplier and click on separate SPM projects for each year as well as the knowledge project? Or should we be storing the information in a different tool/section?




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          Christian Steenberg Expert

          Hi Alex,


          I'm also new to Ariba and haven't gotten to SPM yet in our implementation. My understanding is that you would run one SPM for the supplier and it would have an occurrence, say every 6 months or once a year.

          The SPM should have a document tab where you can place documents. If you create many SPM for a supplier and have information in other areas as well then maybe you can work with the Supplier Workspace. The supplier workspace has a 360 Report. Maybe you can get the consolidated overview there?


          I'm curious to know what you end up with.




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            Eric Coker Master

            Hello Alex,


            There are several recorded webinars available on this topic from our best practices center, free to customers.  They can be found on the Ariba Answers site - click here.  Hopefully, some of the webinars on Supplier Information and Performance Management will provide some insights to help you achieve what you need with the SPM projects.


            Eric Coker

            SAP Ariba Solution Manager