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    Approval chain

    Rafael Zaragatzky Journeyman

      Dear Procurement community,


      I can set up the chain approval rule to include all supervisors in the approval flow of a requisition up to the supervisor that has the ultimate right to approve the requisition according to its amount.

      What I am looking for is a way to set up the approval process so that the ultimate supervisor will be informed right away and will be able to apprve without the need to route the requisition through all the subordinate levels who can't approve it anyway.

      Is it possible to set up the approval chain this way? Some kind of filtering rule?




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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Raf,


          The filter rule that you are expecting should be easy to build logic into he java script for the approval rule (filter rule) so that only the ultimate approval node remains on the approval flow.


          Having said that I don't believe its a best practice to surpass the approval hierarchy as it will take out the denial capability of immediate supervisor(s) and a routine purchase would be a news to the intermediate people who get filtered out on receipt of the item.