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    Clause library migration. Exporting and importing clauses

    Michaël CAFFART Apprentice

      Hello everyone.


      We are currently working on a big update of one of our template that contains most of our contract.

      All of these are made on a test environment. It will be done again in the production environment when it's succesful.



      We would like to reduce the amount of manual work which is, upload again the contract, recreate the clause in the clause library.



      To do that, I would like to use the function in the clause Library to export a folder and the content and to import another one.


      However, it does not seems to work as smoothly as expected. Did someone tried this kind of manipulation? And if it's the case, how so?



      For reference, the action is available if you arein the clause library, in the document tab, click on a folder.

      You have the option "Export This folder and content"

      Just below, you have "Import Clause Library Content"



      Thank you in advance. I will also keep you posted about my research on this subject.

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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Michael:


          I reached out to Sharon Horton with our BPC team and she offered the following guidance:


          "If clauses (or folders) have already been exported/imported once, the clauses in the production system are protected from overlay in the import.  So, if you export by folder, each new folder should export and import as expected.  If you have new clauses that belong in the same folder as clauses that have already been exported, drag those clauses to a new folder, export that folder, import the folder then drag the clauses to the appropriate folder."




          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          SAP Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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              Michaël CAFFART Apprentice

              Hello Debbie.


              Thank you for this information. I was able to export my folder, as long as I don't have any folder with the same name in the clause library. So renaming in a different one, or just with a new name is working fine.

              Thank you for that.


              However, I still have a question. The folder are imported without problem, but it seems the clause are not visible before some times. (Made an import, didn't saw any clause and went for my lunch break. The clause was available when I came back)


              There was only one clause in this folder, so I have a concern ifit also happens for bigger folder.


              Also, I'm pretty sure that the clause is inside somewhere as, even if I can't see it, I can't delete the folder (as it consider that it have something inside)


              Does it ring a bell for you? Or am I crazy?


              P.S : For one clause, it seems to take around 45 min, more or less. I will try if it's the same with more clauses.