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    Sourcing - Difference between Public & Private Supplier

    Neelanarayanan Perumalpillai Master

      Hi Ariba Experts,


      I'm currently setting up a suppliers for our On Demand Sourcing system. When I initially create a supplier & Supplier user in Sourcing system it is showing the status as "Private" and once the supplier completes the registration and logs in to the system (Supplier URL) it is showing as "Public" in sourcing system. Am i missing anything in supplier setup?


      Can anyone explain what is the difference between Private & Public Supplier?


      If you have any documentation related to best in class practice to set up a sourcing supplier. Please share with me.


      Also during registration process If the supplier selects a different login ID..In the Sourcing system, LoginID has been marked as "Obsolete". Is that going to make any issues?


      Thanks & Regards,