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    Managing Master/Sub Agreements - variations & extensions of time etc

    Oliver Stow Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I was hoping someone might have some ideas about how best to manage variations and amendments to Master and Sub Agreements? We are having some frustrations from our end users that information is having to be manually maintained in multiple workspaces to keep value and date fields aligned.


      The sequence we have for Master/Sub Agreements is generally as follows:


      1) Master Agreement Contract Workspace (CWS) created using standard template which includes the main approval flow to approve the original total contract value.

      2) Once the Master CWS is approved necessary sub-agreements (where for a panel contract or if the agreement is in multiple currencies for example) are created using a template with no approvals on it. Each sub agreement contains their portion of the Master Agreements total contract value, and generally the same expiry dates.

      3) When a variation to value/dates takes place the relevant individual sub-agreement and the master agreement is having to be manually updated.


      Any ideas for a more efficient solution to this?