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    Supplier safety information (OHSA) - Customisation

    Lalith Kumar Nimmala Expert

      Hi Exchange,


      Can you suggest a way for me to log Supplier safety performance? (OHSA related log question)

      Help me with detailed steps please.



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          Eric Coker Master

          Lalith, where are you capturing OSHA performance from?  There are two main ways - attaching an OSHA document to a section in the SPQ with no score generated but at least status is known and updated.  The other is to feed data into a scorecard by three ways: creating supplier safety KPI and surveying other users / supplier contacts using the survey tool, manually keying in the scores (duplicate data entry) by referencing another document, or formatting these scores the appropriate way for a custom fact table to feed into the scorecards...which is a manual load. 


          Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with the logs of OSHA performance and what they look like.  In this case, I'm just telling you what the solution can do.  Does this help?


          Eric Coker

          SAP Ariba Solution Manager