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    Notification on Supplier information changes

    Lalith Kumar Nimmala Expert

      Hi Exchange,


      What settings can help notify a set of users when information about a supplier changes? Each supplier will have a separate set of users who will need notification when changes on information happens.



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          Eric Coker Master

          Hi Lalith,


          You will need the SAP Ariba solution called Ariba Supplier Information Management or Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management.  In those solutions, the SPQ (supplier profile questionnaire) houses the questions for suppliers, of which many of the common profile fields (called 'organization profile' in the solution) coming from the Ariba Network can be linked and replicated to the SPQ.  When configured this way, the supplier updates their commerce cloud profile and the applicable org profile fields change on the buyer's end, in which any mapped questions to the SPQ also change.  Within the SPQ, each question can be configured for notifications or approvals workflow and in those menu options, a team can be associated for those notifications / approvals.  In the admin section, the appropriate users will need to be associated to the different teams first, then the notifications / approvals can be set up at the question-level.


          Hope this helps.

          Eric Coker

          SAP Ariba Solution Manager